Bengaluru's exclusive acting school

"Learn acting by unlearning!",
itself gives an indication of the learning process.
Rather than the theory that learning acting means learning something new,
the curriculum here is designed to aid one to forget what has already been learnt.


Nirguna Acting School



  • Keeping college students and professional aspirants in mind, we will now be conducting a 3-month acting course that will be held only in the evenings.

  • It will be held five days a week, from 4.30 pm to 8.30 pm every day from Monday to Friday.

  • A 4-hour class will be held every day adding up to a total of 20 hours of classes per week. This will be an introductory acting course that will run for a total of 240 hours in three months (80 hours per month).

  • Towards the middle of the course, the actors will stage a scene from a play in front of an audience and invited guests.

About Registration PROCESS

As mentioned earlier, the fees of Nirguna acting school are at a discounted price and preference will be given to talented folks who have an intense interest to learn. Once you contact us via the phone number, website, email address, our Facebook or Instagram page given here, please follow our instructions & send us a video snippet showcasing your acting skills. This will be reviewed by our team of experts and we will reach out to you with further instructions.

Since we only have limited seats for each batch, priority will be given to those who first complete the above process and register with us.

Know more about our eminent faculties

The irony of A Hero turning into a Comedian and a Comedian turning into a Hero is the plot of the play, Vishake.

The Screenplay provides a flex to the directors to reorganize the entire play however required, without losing the soul of it. Scenes can be added, altered, or deleted suitably according to the region, societal issues, and ongoing political affairs.  

Stories that are charming, hilarious mischievousness

Explore the quirks and special natures of most of his characters, especially the female characters, thereby making the characters more likeable and endearing to the readers.


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