Nirguna is an acting school
that teaches only “ACTING

To provide quality actors to Kannada Film, Theatre & Television industry


Learn by unlearning- with this motive, Nirguna's mission is clear


Our founder and facilities have the nurtured the way of theatre with passion


The process of Nirguna is to find balance in acting on all the platforms.

The meaning of NIRGUNA :

The literal meaning of Nirguna is “without any attributes”, “Liberated from qualities”. This is a very important term/state of the Advaita principle in our Indian philosophy.

An actor is known by several names.
While “
Bahurupi”/Polymorphism is an absolute/complete state of an actor, “Nirguni” is the way to reach that state.

Our syllabus has been formed by focusing on the process of becoming free from qualities and becoming incorporeal. Hence our institution has been named Nirguna as it applies very well to the actors who seek to imbibe the art of acting.

How is Nirguna Acting School different?

Nirguna Acting School strongly believes in its mode of teaching.
The tagline of our acting school, “Learn acting by unlearning!“, itself gives an indication of the learning process. Rather than the theory that learning acting means learning something new, the curriculum here is designed to aid one to forget what has already been learnt. To forget is not ‘to lose’, it rather implies ‘to realize’.

Awareness is the stepping stone to forgetting; thereby being liberated i.e. to forget all the qualities in us. To lose is to realize! You can’t forget without knowing. Philosophically, this is the very essence and the specialty of the learning process at Nirguna.

Nirguna will never compromise on the design of the course or the quality of learning/teaching as these are not dependent on any external resource or person. Instead, we are equipped with our own skilled faculty. Other accessory classes such as dancing, fighting, modelling etc. have not been included here. We conduct only acting classes here. Since there are dozens of schools to learn dancing & fighting, interested folks can enroll there to learn the same. Nirguna warmly welcomes only to those who have an intense interest in learning acting and acting alone.

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